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The year 1933 saw the establishment of two first beer makers in Korea, one of which, “Sowha-Kirin Brewery”, was the founding entity of OBC. Back in the 30s, beers were hard to come by and merely distributed to high streets in a small quantity.
In the wake of Korea’s liberation from Japan’s rule, Sowha-Kirin Brewery was renamed as “Dongyang Brewery”, which later became OBC, and officially began its operations as a private company on May 22nd 1952. It was the very beginning of a grand journey for OBC as well as for Korean beers free from a foreign control.

In the 60s, as draft beers were sold for the first time and hops were broadly grown in fields, a beer was turning into a popular consumable with its sales gradually picking up in off-trade channels such as supermarkets.

In 1965, OBC achieved record sales of "one million cases” for the first time. Afterwards, OBC greatly enhanced its manufacturing capacity, operational efficiency and quality in general by expanding its production infrastructure first in 1966 and then in 1971 (e.g. an installation of state-of-the-art facilities for mashing and fermentation, which are critical to beer making). Touting the superb quality of its products, OBC accounted for +60% of market share as a leading brewer in Korea.

1966 AUG Canned-beer production facility was constructed.
1963 FEB Exported its beer to Milton S. Kronheim for the first time.
1955 MAY Started selling its draft beers (in kegs and bottles).
1952 MAY Dongyang Brewery Co. Ltd. was established.
1948 FEB Officially changed its name to “Dongyang Brewery Co. Ltd.”
and its trademark to “OB”.
1933 DEC Sowha-Kirin Brewery Co. was established.