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In March 1995, with its official name changed from Dongyang Brewery to “Oriental Brewery”, OBC made a big push for an advanced business management by actively alluring foreign investments such as a joint venture with then world No.2 brewer Interbrew. In 1999, OBC grew in size and substance through such initiatives as the acquisition of then Korean No. 3 brewer Cass, the adoption of annual-salary scheme for the first time as a conglomerate, the minimization of debt-to-equity ratio, etc.

OBC’s drive for growth resulted in a gold medal for OB Lager in the 1996 World Beer Cup and many other prestigious awards during the four consecutive years from 2000 to 2003. With the receipt of “Champion International Brewery Award” in 2003, OBC’s reputation was highly elevated as an established international brewer. OBC received various awards in 2000 including Best Advertising Award, Popularity Award chosen by consumers, an award for having the biggest number of hit products, etc. and was designated as an official beer sponsor for Korea’s national world cup team in 2002.

2009 JUL Its largest shareholder was shifted to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR).
2009 APR Cass 2X was released.
2008 APR Cass Lemon was released.
2007 MAR Cass Red was released.
2006 SEPT Cass Ice Light was released.
2006 JUN OB Blue was released.
2004 MAY Cass Q-Pack was released.
2004 MAR Cafri Lemon was released.
2004 MAR The label of Cass was changed.
2003 NOV OB Q-Pack was released.
2003 APR A smooth, drinkable lager “OB” was released.
2002 JUL Its headquarters was relocated to Seocho-gu, Seoul.
2001 MAR Its headquarters was relocated to Cheongwon, Chungbuk Province.
2000 MAR OB Lite was renewed.
1999 DEC Acquired “Cass”.
1998 SEPT Established a joint venture with Belgium-based Interbrew.
1998 JUN Merged with eight subsidiaries of Doosan Group.
1997 OCT Merged with Doosan Beverage Co.
1995 JUL OB Lager was released.
1995 JUL CAFRI was released.
1995 MAR Officially changed its name to “Oriental Brewery Co.”
1994 OCT NEX was released.
1994 MAR OB ICE was released.
1993 SEPT OB Sound was released.
1992 MAY OB Sky was released.
1992 MAY Gumi Brewery was constructed.
1990 SEPT Brewing Technology Research Center was established.