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Beyond Asia to the World

As a largest-exporting brewer in Korea, OBC has mesmerized beer lovers in Mongolia with “Cass” and continued to expand its business territories at the forefront of 30 countries with 30 different brands.

Overseas Sales Performance

OBC produces and exports customer-satisfying products on the back of highly-automated facilities in its breweries in Icheon and Gwangju. As Korean food is gaining further attention from the world as a result of a phenomenon called K-Wave or Korean Wave, OBC is spreading its global reach to China, South East Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and more. Especially, Cass is greatly loved by consumers in Mongolia and takes up 30% of the local market share despite the fact that it is considered as a premium brand 10% more expensive than local beers. Also, since OBC is well-recognized for its product quality, a variety of products including the so-called “the third beers”, non-alcoholic beers, dark beers, etc., are OEM-produced and sold overseas.