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Oriental Brewery, the Iconic Brewer of Korea

Since established in 1933, Oriental Brewery (OBC) has led the Korean liquor industry as the No.1 brewer for more than 80 years. OBC is equipped with cutting-edge automation facilities to brew beers of the best quality at its three breweries in Icheon, Cheongju, and Gwangju.

01The Sole Brewer in Korea Exclusively Specialized in Beer

OBC has spearheaded the development of the Korean beer industry with its diversified brand portfolio tailored to the varied tastes of consumers including “Cass Fresh”, a tangy, refreshing lager brewed for youth, “OB Premier”, a rich, deep tasting beer, “Cass Light”, a less caloric yet tastier lager, “Cass Red”, a highly fermented lager with ABV of 6.9%, “Cass Lemon”, a crisp, lemony lager, “Cafri”, a premium lager of Korea, “Hoegaarden”, an original Belgian witbier, “Budweiser”, a global No.1 lager, etc. Also, OBC is fast approaching the premium segment of the Korean beer market with its various global brands ranging from “Stella Artois”, the best performer among the global top 10 beers in terms of brand value growth, “Becks”, a classic German-style lager, “Leffe”, a Belgian abbey beer with a history of over 800 years, “Corona”, the global top-seller, “Suntory The Premium Malt’s”, the best premium beer of Japan, etc.

02Customer Satisfaction with a Series of New Product Offerings

OBC caters to the ever-changing taste of consumers seeking something “different” and “better” by releasing various new products such as “OB Premier Weizen”, an original German-style wheat beer, “OB Premier Dunkel”, a winter limited edition, Korean-first black lager brewed in pursuit of Reinheitsgebot, or the Beer Purity Law, “MixxTail”, a cocktail brewed with fermented malts, “Hoegaarden Yuja”, a winter limited edition of Hoegaarden, “Hoegaarden Cherry”, a cherry-blossom pink, fruity variant of Hoegaarden, “MixxTail Ice”, a premium cocktail can, “Hoegaarden Lemon”, a citrusy, lemony variant of Hoegaarden, etc.

03Beyond Asia to the World

Among Korean beer makers, OBC is the largest exporter selling its flagship lager “Cass Fresh” to Mongolia as well as 30 other types of beers to 30 countries across the globe. With its export volume on a steady rise per annum, OBC exceeded $100 million in overseas sales in 2012 for the first time in the history of the Korean liquor industry and thereby received the $100 Million Export Tower Award from Korea International Trade Association (KITA).